The Story

The Gift of Curiosity

Inspired by a time of uncertainty amidst a global pandemic, SpiltMilk’s FW21 collection was born. The ancient Greek myth of Pandora’s Box drove the influence behind the narrative, frames, and packaging. Pandora’s Box represents the idea of unlocking the unknown when overcome by irresistible curiosity. The second season embodies the concept of strength and immortality rising among the uncertainties.

The packaging depicts ancient marble, showcasing the opulence of ancient Greece. Featured on the side of the packaging is Ouroboros. Ouroboros is symbolic of eternal endless return and immortality. This idea aligns with our brand ethos of living on the edge and making bold decisions. This season we layer bold acetates with delicate metals, creating unique and fearless silhouettes. Each frame is inspired by an ancient Greek God; we play on attributes such as Adonis’ beauty, Tyche’s fortune, Hermes’ luck and Hecate’s magic.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe we have a responsibility to represent an accurate reflection of the society we live in, in terms of race, gender, sexuality, age, size, and ability. SpiltMilk is created in a new world, in which we can all coexist peacefully. This collection yearns out for humor, escape, and fantasy.


We sourced the finest sustainable bioplastics from Mazzucchelli 1849, particularly M49 bioplastic, which is composed of cellulose acetate. The resulting formula is made up of materials from renewable resources, which are biodegradable and recyclable. We believe in cyclical renewal, re-purposing something from the past.